After pivoting in 2019, IncBuddy quickly established itself as the favorite corporate Travel & Expense management solution for the SME and mid-market enterprise. Headquartered in Bangalore, we serve more than 40+ clients in India today.

IncBuddy is a totally integrated Travel & Expense platform that helps save 20% on cost and 32% on productivity, using its unique voice enabled ai platform. For the end user this works like pure magic!   

Unique Features: 

(a) Reduces administration manpower to near 0.  

(b) Embeded polices, and approval flows makes the workflow intuitive and easy to use. 

(c) Real-time analytics using 72 data points.  

(d) Automated traveler preferences like hotel types, flight meals and seats, visa deadlines and so on, thus ensuring a great travel experience

(e) One-stop for ANY travel service. 

(f) One-invoice due to single-vendor engagement which makes accounting a breeze.    

(g) Easily book, change, cancel with ai voice activation.

(h) Manage expenses & reimbursements in auto mode

(i) Protect employees medically during their travel through its ‘duty of care’ program

(j) Integrate to several HR & Accounting systems

Its  voice controlled plugin works in a “do-it-for-me” (DIFM) mode & reduces staff deployment to almost nil. 

With corporate travel representing the second largest cost nominal for a company, managing it has become imminent in an ever competing corporate space.  In a USD 35 billion Indian corporate travel market, less than 1% of the corporates use travel automation to resolve these problems.

Post-covid, IncBuddy has been witnessing a 600% increase in revenue when compared to the first half of 2021. IncBuddy has been developed by people who know travel for the travel people.

IncBuddy has received several press accolades which can be found in the press section.



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