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Business travel – Why you must switch from consumer websites?

As a start-up, brand, SME or corporate, if you want to look beyond just booking, into managing and controlling travel costs, then a consumer travel website is not the right fit. Corporate travel being the 2nd largest P&L expense, it is important that you have a corporate tool to book and manage your corporate travel.


In my opinion, corporate travel is probably the biggest unsolved problem in business today. It’s a broken trillion-dollar industry. Yeah, you heard right! It’s a broken trillion-dollar industry.  And I’ll tell you why it sucks…


–   Big travel agencies like Amex, BCD control 10% of business trips and look after the travel needs of big corporates like J&J and McKinsey. Although they fall under “managed travel” they are simply unaffordable.


–  20% of business trips are booked on consumer websites like Expedia & But they are “unmanaged”. Here your employee is the travel agent, does not follow any company policy, looks at 12 different websites, then goes UP-DOWN with visa, passport, forex, insurance before completing the booking. Huge mess for the company – No control on spending, invoices & reimbursements. Eventually, very expensive & inefficient.


–   Neighbourhood agents or so-called travel agencies control the rest of the 70%. Totally “unmanaged”. Can’t get worse than this.


IncBuddy was born with the sole purpose of helping brands, SMEs, and start-ups book, manage and control their unmanaged trips, by cutting travel and administration costs by a whopping 20% & improving productivity by 32%.  It helps them get a distinct advantage vis-a-vis competition.


IncBuddy is a 1-stop shop for anything called travel, there is no agency involvement & provides access to corporate rates that are cheaper than consumer website rates. You can manage, control, integrate your accounting systems, provide employee safety & emergency care.  It’s 100% free as IncBuddy makes money through supplier commissions. We promise an under 30-sec support response.


Visit us, take a test drive with a 20-point check before using our platform.  Book a trial today at


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