Corporate Travel Policy – tweak it to your advantage

Many finance managers are quite unaware that having a travel policy, be it even a simple one, can do wonders. Travel policies are embedded/automated in IncBuddy’s corporate travel platforms in such a way that they can govern what fares & hotels are displayed to each browsing employee. It also gives visibility to the finance managers and the higher management.

In the post-COVID world, it is more important than ever to have a dynamic
travel policy that can be easily updated for a rapidly changing situation.

For example, it is very easy to set up

  • Price limits – on a sector or a set of sectors
  • Booking time frames – like tickets should be booked at least 4 days before the travel date unless it is unforeseen.
  • Permitted cabin classes – decide who can travel in Economy, Premium, Business
  • Stopovers – Allow for a maximum of 1 stopover
  • Destination specific budgets

At IncBuddy, the account managers pay you regular visits (or at your disposal) along with reports and recommendations as the AMs have a wide experience of various situations to carve that perfect policy each time.

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