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Per Trip
$ 2 Per Trip
  • Self-Booking tool & APP & 24x7 service centre to book Flights & Hotels
  • Corporate discounts, free meals, seating, free changes & cancellations*
  • Travel Policy & Approval workflow set-up
  • Book Business, Personal & Guest bookings
  • Reward Points - up to 3% on bill*
  • Travel Insights & Dashboards
  • E-Concierge to book any travel service
  • Voice enabled features (DIFM)***


Per Active User
$ 4 Monthly
  • 20 receipt auto-scans/user
  • Unlimited Users
  • Multi-currency Expense
  • Mileage expenses
  • Customer/Project Tracking
  • Accounting Integration (Zoho, Xero, Quickbooks)
  • Cash Advances
  • Multilevel approval
  • Basic audit trail report
  • Access delegation
  • Corporate card reconciliation

Travel & Expense

$ 5 $2 per Trip & $3 per Expense User/month
  • Everything in Travel & Expense

A La Carte Services

Common Questions

Your APP and Self-booking tool will have access to book for flight, hotels, and any ancillary product using the concierge. Since you did not sign up for expense module, it will remain deactivated. 

Many organizations prefer to have the self-booking tool (SBT) with the Travel administrator or facilitator.  When employees send requests through their APP or SBT it goes through an approval flow where either your designated manager or the travel administrator can approve. Once approved, the travel coordinator goes ahead with fulfilling the booking. Your organization can switch off the approval flow, in case they want to book themselves without any intervention. 

Online e-commerce portals charge anywhere between $4 to $8 for each booking. However, Incbuddy does not charge any other fee, bringing you cost savings.

Based on the volume of business, we are able to negotiate with airlines for discounts and other waivers like free seats, free meals, free changes and free cancellations. Online e-commerce portals are not allowed to sell corporate fares. This gives your organization a distinct advantage of cost savings, and helps your employees travel in style due to personalization & devoid of any stress. 

A travel policy allows an organization to control and improve their spend. In contrast, online e-commerce portals do not have this embedded functionality due to which spend can over over control. The policy controls which employee can travel by which class, budgets, spend deviation and reasons, and the ability to take approvals when fare is above what is in the policy. 

Business- one that is taken when employee travels on duty.

Personal – one that is taken when employee wants to book leisure or personal travel. 

Guest – when organization invites consultants, contractors and other external people. 

All 3 are eligible to be booked on corporate fares, bringing value to the organization and the employee (morale & retention)

Unlike online e-commerce portals, we provide points (shows next to fare), that you earn, irrespective of the type of booking. Very soon the corporate realizes the savings by redeeming these points for free tickets and upgrades. 

e-concierge allows you to send requests for any ancillary, such as passport requests, visa requests, Forex requests, personalized holidays and so on. You are connected to a 24×7 7-star service, who are constantly on top of such requests and fulfill them. Such a service is not available on any e-commerce portal. Rates are available on our a la carte menu on this page.  

e-concierge has a voice controlled feature, that will allow you to cut manpower, especially for a medium to large sized organization, who have several staff looking after the travel facility.  An amazing tool with built in machine learning module. 

These are ancillary services are are billed only when you want these services. We provide a one-stop, single vendor service, so you don’t have to run about searching and depending on various agents.   

The expense management modules helps you to record all your business expenses such as food, travel, transport, petty cash, and more. This saves time, helps in faster processing of reimbursement, and is very convenient as expenses can be recorded on the fly. It also prevents fraud, and provides a great customer experience.  

You can achieve about 10%-15% of direct cost savings, while productivity can be improved by upto 30% (these include workflows, reduction in manpower, customer service by IncBuddy, automation, reviewing analytics for improvements and so on)

Once you sign-up, you can be using the system in 24hours and reaping the benefits. There is no charge absolutely for a sign-up of travel & expense, until you start booking. We also do not ask for your card at sign-up. 

The system can be made intelligent, once you start adding your policy, employee details, and workflows to streamline your business travel. 

Our analytics and reports provide you with a basis to change and fine-tune things around for more saving potential.  

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