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SaaS and Ai – Why must you look for this combination?

It is important for a corporate looking for a business travel automation to insist on a SaaS platform. For long, travel systems have operated on legacy & clunky platforms. But as the world is becoming more and more globalized with cross-border trade and commerce expanding, a shift from legacy systems to SaaS has many distinct advantages. Some of the key ones are highlighted below.


SaaS & AI:

When SaaS is combined with AI capabilities, businesses may extract greater value from data, streamline and personalize services, improve security, and coordinate human resources. SaaS offers a significant edge when it comes to Ai. For instance, IncBuddy has access to data collected from many clients, which can be used to generate more tailored user experiences & increase personalization using machine learning, a subset of AI. By providing voice-enabled requests, IncBuddy is able to track customer requests and respond immediately, without the user needing to be trained on the system. Over time, it expects to provide a faultless client experience.

AI can improve personalization 10-folds


Low Cost:

IncBuddy provides a low cost of operation and is able to pass these benefits to its clients.

  • Hardware and software license costs are low as SaaS resides in a multi-tenant environment
  • Maintenance costs are low as IncBuddy owns the environment & splits it amongst all customers
  • Helps in scaling fast due to low licensing cost and thereby getting the overall cost even lower quickly


 Instant activation:

As the software application is already installed and configured, there is no time spent on installation and configuration.



The cost and effort associated with upgrades are far lower than the traditional model. In a traditional model, upgrades are charged to customers generally and the user may have to install themselves.


Scalability & Integrations:

SaaS solutions reside in cloud environments that are scalable and have integrations with other SaaS offerings. You don’t have to buy another server or software like in traditional models. This indirectly means lower cost.



You can demo and test the software before signing up very easily. The SaaS model comes in with baked-in best practices and samples. The software is built with security in mind, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive data being compromised.


In conclusion, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is becoming a more realistic option for businesses looking for availability, functionality, and flexibility. SaaS relies on large-scale cloud delivery, reliable connection, and enterprise-level security. Simply put, the cloud approach saves enterprises substantial time and money, and improves personalization many folds.


We have built the travel platform to be future-ready.


Some facts:

  • In 2021 alone, $4.5 billion was invested in SaaS start-ups in India, an increase of 170 percent from 2020
  • India’s AI- SaaS start-ups are likely to create a $500 billion market opportunity by 2030


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Till then, be eco-friendly and fly high.


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